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You'll discover how quick and easy it is to leverage the program built by the CoVest team.  Staples has worked with CoVest to customize a program with specialized pricing, dedicated account management, and a complete assortment of products and services at the lowest overall delivered cost.

The benefits of your program include:

Program Highlights:

  • Leveraged pricing that is actively managed, including savings reporting, auditing, and annual core list revision

  • Established programs in all Staples lines of business, allowing members to drive many categories to one supplier

  • Individualized account management, ordering flexibility, and program tailoring to your company’s needs

Customized Management & Ordering


Each CoVest member receives a program that leverages the spend of the group while having the flexibility to fit their unique needs. Every member has their own strategic account manager, their own tailored core item list, and an implementation process that allows them to customize user access, item lists for blocked items and substitutions. Reporting is driven by the needs of the member, and you will have a direct link to Staples through your strategic account manager.


Your ordering mechanism is as flexible as the rest of the program. Member companies order directly through Staples. Whether your preference is to use SAP, Oracle, Ariba, or order directly on Staples’ site, Staples will aid you in implementing the program to your specifications.

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